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Ascend Life Blog #1: Why Personal Growth and Casting the Vision.


Hi and welcome to the Ascend Life blog.

In this first official post of the Ascend Life blog, I want to cast the vision of why I am writing this blog and also why you would want to take a few minutes out of your busy day to read it.

So, why write a blog on personal growth?

I believe that each of us has a purpose and that each of us matters. There are certain gifts and talents that we have been given and when we use these abilities in our areas of knowledge and passion we can make a huge difference in the world. This is why I want to learn and grow personally.

Too often we get bogged down in the day-to-day, in the mundane, and we don’t realize what it is that we are missing. Yes, living to your full potential is difficult, but I think that not living to your full potential can be even more difficult. If you have ever felt discouragement or felt like you missed an opportunity because you didn’t move, then you can relate to why I feel like just coasting along in life is harder. It is harder because we feel like we don’t matter and that we don’t have a purpose. That is one of the most difficult feelings to get over in life and that is why it is vital to start moving.

Maybe you don’t really feel this way in your life. Great! Maybe you already feel like you do matter and that you do have purpose. Perfect! In that case I want to challenge you to look around and find someone who doesn’t feel this way and use encouragement to help them realize that they do matter. I would also challenge you to find an area where you need more work and intentionally work to grow in that area.

“Intentionally” oh, that is a great word. Intentionality is so important to living a life of purpose! As John C. Maxwell says in his book Intentional Living: Choosing a Life That Matters, “When you intentionally use your everyday life to bring about positive change in the lives of others, you begin to live a life that matters.” That is my WHY in writing this blog. If through being intentional I can help even one person… mission accomplished!

So, what is something that we can do intentionally today? I want to challenge you to start by doing something small. I want you to do something new today that will help you to grow. Most of us have a commute. Use part of that time to listen to a podcast or audio book instead of music or the news. If you haven’t done much of this then start by choosing something fun that you are interested in. It doesn’t have to be a “boring” educational podcast. The point is to intentionally do something new. We learn new things by trying new things. Download a podcast player to your phone and just search on a topic of interest. Listen to this at least once this week on your drive. If you don’t know what podcast to listen to, I would highly recommend the Ken Coleman Show. Any one of the episodes are excellent.

If you already listen to podcasts or audio books then take it to the next level and intentionally look for a podcast in an area you would like to grow in or in an area that you know very little about. The point here is to do something new. That is it. I for one will be in this category.

I just downloaded podcast episode #28 from the Kwik Brain: Memory podcast. I have been wanting to better my memory because I listen to many podcasts and find myself struggling to retain and use the information. Disclaimer: I have not listened to this podcast before. I have never even heard of it before. So, I can’t recommend it yet. I’ll let you know how it goes in my next blog post.

Well that is it. Thank you so much for reading! Please pass this along to anyone you may know who could use some encouragement and challenge. If you would like to engage in the conversation you can send me an email at or visit the Facebook page at If you choose to take the challenge let me know what you are listening to. If you have specific questions never hesitate to contact me.

God Bless,