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Introduction: Something Totally New!


Have you ever written a blog before? I haven't. This is totally new. I don't even consider myself a writer... Ha! not even close... 
Who am I? 
I am Daniel Gant. A mechanical engineer by trade, a husband and dad by the grace of God, and an aspiring entrepreneur by choice.
So what's with this blog thing? Well good question I don't really know what I am doing with it. Haha! It will probably just be a haphazard rambling of sorts and if I ever develop a following I'll probably be highly embarrassed by this one... Though I here pledge to not take it down... LOL!

Honestly though what I would like is for thousands of people to fall in love with my "amazing" writing and beg me for more content. (Ha! Slim chance.) But, my goal here is to learn a bit about writing and about building an audience and how I can go about serving that audience. 

So, if you have somehow found this blog, first thank you for not just clicking off because it was most likely a mistake that you got here. Haha... and second, let me ask a question. 
What is one thing you are struggling with right now? This could be in any area. Finances, business, relationships... whatever...
Also, if you have seen my other pages you know that I am into drones and rc aircraft as well as designing fun things. So maybe you are just interested in something to do with those things?
Is there something you would like to learn about drones?

I am not an expert in any of these areas, but I have learned some things that may help, and if I don't know, I'll try to find out something to help you.
If you could send me an email I would greatly appreciate the input.

For email please send a message to

Thanks for reading. This was a fun exercise in stretching myself beyond my comfort zone.