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Ascend Life Blog #10: My Two Years Of Personal Growth

(Hint: I never thought I would be writing this)

Daniel Gant 

It was two years ago now that I started hungering for knowledge. I was in a place in my life professionally where I felt stuck. I knew I needed to start learning some things to better myself and open up more opportunities. This started me reading and learning things about business, leadership, and personal growth which led me to where I am now with a fledgling blog and hope for the future.

I am a big believer in the mission that Dave Ramsey and his company have. Their main mission and what they are best known for is financial teaching. As a side, they teach business and leadership through a resource called Entreleadership. Yes, it is a word they made up to combine entrepreneurship with leadership, and basically teaches a combination of both disciplines.

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I ordered a few books that they recommended and read through these. One was *Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander which I talked about in my last post #9. One of the others was *Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey. Both of these really ignited my desire to learn and grow in this realm of leadership and business.

Entreleadership was so impactful and full of wisdom that I have since introduced it to my manager at my work and we now have a small group that is looking into how we can apply the wisdom from this book, as well as other related teachings, in our own lives and roles in the company.

From reading these books I really started looking for other opportunities to learn. I read several other books and listened to some on audio as well. I found that this was a great way for me to learn since I have a 50-minute commute to and from work each day.

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A friend of mine mentioned podcasts which I had know about, but never really listened too. I started checking them out and found a number of great ones including those I have mentioned in previous posts like Entreleadership, The Ziglar Show, and Kwik Brain.

Podcasts are now the primary tool I use to learn new material along with a few videos and blog posts when I want to learn more on a specific topic.

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Personal growth, leadership, and business have been my main areas of focus. One of the biggest things I have learned is that anyone can achieve great things if they will only work hard to learn and persevere through the failures.

Currently I have focused my learning to several specific areas: blog creation, blog writing, and mental improvement. The mental improvement areas have been helping me to remember and understand the things I learn. I talked more about this in Post #4. The blog related areas have been helping me with writing and growing this blog. My main focus has been trying to learn how to write better posts with valuable content that all of you will want to read.

Why am I doing all of this work? I want to be the best I can be in life. Many times, I struggle with motivation. I think this is based on just not knowing what to do or how to do it. Through the things I have been learning I now feel empowered to pursue my goals and dreams. I now feel like I know what to do and how to do it.

Today I have a lot of hope. I have dreams for the future and while I still have a long way to go, I have a plan and a path to follow. There are many things I still have to learn, but I now know that I will be able to find them.

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I never thought I would be writing this!

Even a short time ago, the idea of writing a blog was completely foreign to me. I never considered myself to be a writer. I got the idea to start writing because I wanted to share the things I have been learning. There were many times that I was verbally sharing with friends and family, and I wanted to be able to share with even more people.

Again, I never thought I would be writing any of this, but learning has a funny way of opening new doors and paths that you never thought you would walk. I for one am enjoying this path of learning. I can’t wait to see what I can learn next and apply in my life.

What about you? What are your dreams and goals? Are you continually seeking to learn new things that will help you achieve these? Are there some ways that I could help you? Topics you would like to learn or resources that I could steer you to?

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Take it from me, learning can be so exciting and rewarding. Who knows what doors may be opened in your life.

God Bless,


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