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Ascend Life Blog #12: Stop Believing Negative And Start Believing Positive

Daniel Gant


You may have read last week’s post, The Belief Cycle, and thought that it made sense but you weren’t sure how to stop believing the lies and start believing truth about yourself.

You are not alone. There are so many ways in which we don’t view ourselves like we should. I believe that each one of us is special. We are unique. We each have a purpose, and we each add value to the world.

Let’s take a step back and look at some of the reasons we believe the lies and maybe we will find some keys needed to help us stop believing these lies and start believing truth.

Sometimes this all starts from a very small lie a long time ago. Once the negative Belief Cycle has spun a few times the reality and the lie become much bigger. That is why in the last post I suggested looking at many of your negative beliefs in this way. You may be able to debunk them just by looking backwards the Belief Cycle so that you can find the original lie.

Now that we are older and wiser the same lie is easy for us to see for what it is… a lie. I would suggest always trying to start by doing this. Unless it is a brand-new lie, the Belief Cycle will usually have turned over a number of times and you will now be looking at a much larger lie than what originally started it.

Ok so you see the original lie, now what? Well, debunk it. Denounce it. It no longer has any influence on your life. But what about the reality it has created through the Belief Cycle? This is where you need to be able to give it a little time. You also need to be able to say to yourself, that the original lie wasn’t true. Therefore, this reality isn’t true either, it is just the result of believing the original lie.

Now find a counter belief to get the positive Belief Cycle going. Once you have done this just give it a little time and you will start to see the positive results of no longer believing bad about yourself, and instead, believing good about yourself.

During this time, you may still see some of the bad results of having believed the lie. That is ok, give yourself grace and tell yourself that it is just a result of having been deceived for so long. Tell yourself it is ok and that soon you will be reaping the rewards of having a healthy view of your life.

Now, let’s pivot and look at lies that are much newer. A new lie is one that hasn’t had much time to go around the cycle yet. Maybe it has been around a couple times, maybe not. Either way, this one is typically a very raw issue that needs immediate action to kill it before it does start making its rounds.

There are many things that can start a new negative belief. A common example is a failure of some kind. Here is a quick example of one that I dealt with personally just a week ago.

I am a manufacturing engineer at my work. I help make the tools that our production team use to make airplanes. One of these tools was in the middle of fabrication last week.

During the fabrication, one of our experimental fabricators asked me if it was important where a particular part was glued on. Since this part’s function was mainly to help make the tool strong and the exact position didn’t affect its strength, I advised him that it wasn’t important where he placed it and to go ahead and put it anywhere.


In actuality it did matter quite a bit. Not from the function of this specific part itself, but if it wasn’t place in the correct location other parts of the tool would not be able to function. As it turned out, there were going to be holes drilled in very specific locations. These holes would not have been able to be drilled. So, we had to cut off the part and relocate a new one in the correct place.

From this failure I had a decision to make. The first choice was that I could get down on myself for not looking at the drawings. After all this mistake ended up wasting time and money. If I did that I would start believing that I am a failure and a poor engineer, and we all know how that goes. I would quickly start spinning down a very negative and vicious Belief Cycle.

The second choice was that I could give myself some grace. I could learn from the mistake and choose to believe that I would grow from the experience. In other words, I am not a failure, and I am a good engineer who sometimes makes mistakes. Fortunately, this is what I chose to do, and the positive Belief Cycle was started. Next time I will definitely check the drawings and this will result in improved outcomes with the next tool build.

But what if you are still struggling to figuring out what the lies and negative beliefs are? How about a different approach?

Find some positive things to believe about yourself. Even though we aren’t stopping all of the negative Belief Cycles that may be spinning, if we start up positive Belief Cycles they will actually have the power to stop the negative ones all on their own.

This is why it is so important to be around positive people in our lives. People who give us affirmation that we have what it takes. People who will celebrate with us when we do something well. We all need to be around people who love us and can see the things that we are good at.

In this same way, just like we talked about in posts 5, 6, 7, and 8, it is important to work at things you are talented in and can be passionate about. Just doing this will feed your Belief Cycle with so much positive material that most of the negative cycles will come to a screeching halt!

Sometimes we have spun around a negative Belief Cycle so many times that we lack the emotional strength to even try to refute the original lie. When this is the case use this technique. By getting a positive Belief Cycle started you will start charging up your emotional batteries. Eventually you will find that you can start putting an end to the negative and positive momentum will start to pick up.

What can you do today to slow a negative Belief Cycle and start a positive one? What one new positive belief could you think about. Really ponder it and what it means. Go find someone who cares for you and discuss these things. Do whatever it takes to get the positive belief going.

God Bless,