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Ascend Life Blog #13: If I were, Legendary

Daniel Gant


What motivates you? What is it that will get you up super early in the morning. Are there things you would get up early several days in a row for?

In my wife's family, deer hunting is a big deal. They will get up way before the first light of day just so they can be sitting out in a tree, in freezing weather I might add, to be ready for the day’s hunt to start.

That is motivation! I have to admit to being a bad hunter myself. Not that I have any issues with it and do in fact enjoy it, but I have lots of other interests that are a higher priority in my life.

But what is it that gets these men and women motivated to brave the arctic temps at 5am in late fall?

Today I want to talk about motivation. I know there are many different types, and I would like to look at some of these.

In this example, passion and great enjoyment is the source of their motivation. For them it is a deeply ingrained thrill for the pursuit of the prey.

I think we can all understand this type of motivation. I mean just think about some of the things you love to do. I guarantee that there are difficult and tiring parts to them, but I bet you don’t care much that it gets difficult.

One of my favorite past times is model airplanes. I will get up early to work on a new plane. I’ll put hours into building the airplane. I’ll even put a good bit of money into it too. All of this and I could still crash on the first flight.

I especially enjoy designing an airplane from scratch. This always takes the most time to build, and it also comes with the greatest chance of it not working at all. Yet I love it! The thrill of having my own creation fly great is worth the effort. The risk is that more than likely it will take many hours and several design changes before it flies, but I will gladly spend this time.

So, what about the myriad of activities that we should do and many times have to do that we have no motivation for at all?

This struggle was recently brought to a somewhat painful front for me.

I recently had to admit to myself and my boss, that I haven’t been doing a very good job at work. It was nagging at my mind and was finally brought to the forefront of my attention. I have no excuse. The truth was that I wasn’t accomplishing some of my tasks at work in a timely manner. There are numerous reasons, but one of the main reasons was that I just wasn’t motivated to do those tasks.

It was definitely time for a change. I was stuck in a negative belief cycle that was being fed daily by a lack of motivation.

So how do we motivate ourselves in situations like this?

There are many ways we can create motivation where there wasn’t any before. I would like to go into one that I just heard on the Ziglar Show podcast# 557: Overcoming your bad attitude and emotions. Here it is...

What would you do if you were legendary?

A bit different eh? But seriously, think about it. Think about the people you really look up to. Think about some of the most amazing people you know. The legends. If that was you what would you do? Wouldn’t you figure out a way to totally crush this activity that you really don’t want to do?

I know I would. I would want to so completely win that I would give it my all. I would want to get it done quickly and to the best of my ability. I would know that it is through hard work and determination that character is built.

In the podcast they go through a lot of different ways to overcome bad attitudes. So often it is an attitude that gets in the way of motivation. This one stuck out to me. I think there is some serious power in this thought. I think that by just changing my mindset to “be legendary”, I will put in the effort required. This itself becomes the motivation.

I know that this may not always work. I also know that it is a bit silly, but I want to make a difference in the world with my life. That is what legendary is. It isn’t fame or fortune, it is taking the time to give a kind word to someone who is sad. It is putting in the effort in a job you may not like or may not be good at. It is doing that even if no one will ever know that you put in that effort.

Being Legendary is what you do when no one is looking.

I want to be that! I want to do that.

So, what about you? What are you going to do the next time you don’t have motivation for something? What would you do if you were legendary?

God Bless,