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Ascend Life Blog #18: Goals Make Success

Daniel Gant

I wanted to give an update on the goal that I set in the last Post #17.

The goal is to perform the first working test of a new prototype I am developing on or around Saturday May 19th.

Based on the 5 essential parts of a goal that we talked about, I have broken my overall goal into several smaller milestones.

These were to complete pre-assembly on Saturday May 5th, complete the main assembly on Saturday May 12th, and lastly perform the first test on Saturday May 19th.

So, how have I done? Well midway into the second week, I have completed the pre-assembly stage and am started on the main assembly. I am mostly on track to complete that, but it will probably not be finished until into next week. However, I am confident that I can perform the first test on May 19th.

Goals are very important. Definitely something that I need to get better at doing.

I came across this quote yesterday and thought it very inspiring.

“People who don't have goals, work for people who do.” Jack Canfield.

Wow! Talk about eye-opening! Even if you have no desire to own a business, being able to set and reach your goals will make you a highly sought after in whatever career you have.

You can even take this out of the work world and into your personal life. Being able to set and reach goals will benefit you in many areas of life.

Set goals around getting some of those home projects done. Or make a goal to volunteer with that organization you really admire and always say you will someday help out. Or set a goal to read some of the books you have in your home but still haven’t read.

There are so many benefits to setting goals, but the key is you have to set them and do them or they will do nothing but put you into a negative Belief Cycle.

Now don’t let the threat of a negative Belief Cycle keep you from setting goals, remember that if you take action on your goals the positive Belief Cycle will kick in and help you along.

If you don’t know what the Belief Cycle is or just need a refresher go read Post #11.

More updates to come on the progress with my goal.

God Bless,