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Ascend Life Blog #6: You Are Talented And The World Needs You!

Daniel Gant


Do you know what you are good at? Do you know what your talents are? What your gifts are? What are the skills that come naturally to you? These may be learned skills, well to some extent they are always learned skills, I mean who is born able to play the piano? Even so, each of us is born with certain natural abilities. From this foundation with exercise and practice these can develop into our greatest skills.

For many years two of my brothers and I have worked on a form of acrobatics commonly called tricking which is a mix of gymnastics and martial arts techniques. I can do a number of these tricks, but my brothers are actually very good at them!

Now, you could argue this is because they started at an earlier age than I did and while I would love to agree with you, I realize that they both have greater natural ability than I do. While I still really enjoy training to improve my own performance, it is just a hobby for me. They, on the other hand, periodically tour with Team Xtreme International, an evangelism team that travels the world. See my brothers along with their friend Cole in action here (they are the two with sleeves).

If you are gifted at something it is a shame not to put that gift to use. The world needs you to use your talents just like what my brothers are doing. The world needs what you can do and make and invent and say and write and paint and sing and build. They need to see your talent. You have the power to use your gifts to inspire others to use their gifts.

I am still trying to figure out what my own gifts are. I have a good idea of the things I am good at, but I still second guess myself.

One way to help determine what gifts you have is to ask yourself this question: “What activities in my life do I really feel alive while doing?” The key here is to look closely at these activities and pick out what the core skills are that you were using.

For example, one of the times in my life that I really felt alive was during my senior year in college. In my senior design class I really felt I was able to use my abilities to come up with concepts and designs. Since this time I have felt the same way when working on projects that require me to take a basic goal and figure out possible solutions then test them to see which one is the best for the given goal.

Looking deeper into these times in my life I feel that my talents really revolve around the ability to come up with concepts and visions for what is possible. It is tough to put this into words. So I am just trying to remember all the times I felt this way and then dig deeper to uncover the core abilities I was using.

I could call this ability creativity, but I think it is more specific than that because I have trouble coming up with ideas when the guidelines and goals are not well defined. Also, I am not very creative from an artistic standpoint. I can tell you what I think looks good and what I want something to look like, but I am not good at coming up with that look on my own.

This process of determining your gifts and abilities is not easy, but a process that is definitely worth your time. By learning what skills come more naturally to you, you will be able to intentionally work on improving them. They are the skills you will be able to excel at and provide the greatest value in.

I am determined to figure these out for myself, so plan on seeing this as a recurring theme for the Ascend Life blog. In the meantime, is there something you can do to discover your gifts?

Do you already know what they are or have a good idea for what they are (like I do)? Even so it can be very helpful to ask the question from above again: “What activities in my life do I really feel alive while doing?”

After this, start some experiments by intentionally doing some of these things to get even more clarity on what your gifts are. Don’t get discouraged if you find yourself struggling. Keep at it. I believe it is truly worth the struggle.

God blessed you with natural abilities. Go find them!


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