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Ascend Life Blog #8: Reclaim Monday and Revitalize Your Life in 6 Steps

(Hint: I am working on steps 3 and 4 right now)

Daniel Gant


Like Mondays? Yeah me neither. How about Sunday night? A bit gloomy? Why is that?

The weekend is over.

I think this is a shame. Not that the weekend is over, but this living for the weekend mentality that our society has. I think this speaks to the deeper issue of not finding satisfaction in our work.

In post #5: Doing the Sweet Work we talk a lot about this and I cite a article that states for employees worldwide, 85% are not engaged in their job.

This is why our society is “living for the weekend”. How can we be excited and energized to go to work on Monday if we aren’t engaged? If we are not working in areas that we are good at and feel matter, it is extremely hard to be engaged.

Today let’s look at how to intentionally start working in our strengths and moving towards reclaiming Mondays.

In post #5 we did some day-dreaming of what our lives might look like if we could do work we were excellent at and we knew mattered. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Wouldn’t it be great to look forward to Monday coming just so we could get back to doing our life’s work? I’m talking about enjoying the whole week, not just the weekend.

I want to outline a great 6 step process to help reclaim Mondays introduced by Ken Coleman in the Entreleadership Podcast Episode #245 - 6 Stages of Self-Discovery.

Discover, Plan, Pursue, Achieve, Receive, and Give.

#1: Discover what makes you tick, what you are good at, and what interests you.

What are your top 5 talents, skills, or abilities? If you haven’t already go read post #6: You Are Talented And The World Needs You, to get an overview of understanding your talents. Really think through what you are good at. Then, talk to some people who know you well and love you. Ask them what they think your top talents are.

Now, what are your top 5 interests or passions? Post #7: Talents Plus Passion Equals Strengths, goes into passions a bit more. Just list these down. As with two of mine, they may be very specific like flying model aircraft or broader like helping people grow. Regardless I think that for all our interests there are underlying passions that can be applied to more areas than we realize. Think about these and try to discover where that basic love and excitement comes from.

Now that you have a list of talents and passions. How can these come together to create strengths? How could you apply your strengths? What positions could allow you to excel in your strength? If you can’t think of any try to take a deeper look at how either your talents, passions, or both can be applied in different ways.

#2: Plan what you need to do to start working in your strengths.

Will you need training or education to work in your strengths? What about the cost of both finances and time? Are there people you can talk to who have been down this road before?

Are there intermediate steps that will make the transition easier? For example, could you work in a different position that will give you the experience you need to then get into the position you really want?

Think through all the things needed to get to your goal of working in your strengths. Then make sure to create a plan with actionable steps.

#3: Pursue the plan.

At the end of the day you have to stop the planning and start moving or nothing will ever happen. The plan is vital, but worthless without action.

Do just one little thing today. Maybe that is to research the ways you can get the education you need. Maybe it is creating a budget to help you get out of debt so you can take the leap to doing the work you love sooner. Maybe it is talking with your boss about taking on responsibilities that your specific talents could fill.

Maybe it is writing a blog on Reclaiming Mondays and continuing to learn the finer points of blogging. This is where I am right now in this process.

Take action! Nothing will happen if you don’t.

#4: Achieve the milestones.

Once you start to achieve your goals you will gain energy and momentum. Use this energy to expedite the plan. Seeing results and feeling a sense of accomplishment will really help you through the difficult spots.

I am also in the beginning stages of achievement.  I have created a blog and I am starting to get better and more confident at writing and creating posts. This is a great achievement. I am also getting feedback from my readers who say they like what I am doing. This really means a lot to me and helps energize me to keep going.

#5: Receive the benefits of your accomplishments.

One thing you will receive is joy back into your Mondays. Finding significance and value in what you are doing is another important part.

Benefits like better profits and becoming the go-to person on your subject may also come as a result of your accomplishments.

#6: Give back.

Your gifts are meant to be given away to benefit others. More than likely that will be exactly what you are doing when you are working in your strengths. Continually look for new ways to increase your service to others.

In addition to all this, give time and thought to what the next step is. Start over at discovery. How can you take your strengths to the next level? Are there other areas where you can apply your strengths to build on what you are already doing?

Realize that you are uniquely qualified to fill a specific need. Only you have your exact gifts and interests. Only you can fill this spot. You offer different perspectives and life experiences that may be just the right combination to help someone in their specific struggle. So always look for ways you can give back.

There is definitely some work required to reclaim your Mondays, but isn’t it worth the effort? If you are already working in your strengths and love your Mondays that is wonderful. Help someone who doesn’t. Share this post with them and invest in their lives. Print out the 6 steps to Reclaiming Monday - Worksheet and help them work through it.

If you don’t love your Mondays, do something! You can do great things if you just start moving.

Go forth and take Mondays back!

God Bless,