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Ascend Life Blog #9: Success Like A Rhino?

Daniel Gant

Have you ever felt stuck? Like you knew you should be working towards something but didn’t know how? Charge your way to success!

Today I want to introduce a great book that I have found very enjoyable and helpful. It is applicable to just about every area of life and will provide some good laughs along the way.

Rhinoceros Success - The Secret To Charging Full Speed Toward Every Opportunity - by Scott Alexander.

Photo by Lucas Alexander on Unsplash

While rather silly, this book uses humor and fast moving action to get a great message across, which is in order to be successful at anything you have to charge after it. This highlights step 3, pursue your goals, from last weeks post #8: Reclaim Monday and Revitalize Your Life in 6 Steps.

Success never just happens. It involves intentional action to learn, grow, make a plan, follow the plan, and adjust things along the way. Charge these actions like a rhinoceros! Charge them with great excitement and energy.

This book is designed to get you up on your feet and moving toward your goals. It has a lot of practical wisdom mixed in with the fun rhino analogy. Things like balancing the different aspects of your life, learning to believe in yourself, and that you can achieve success.

Success is never easy, but a charging rhino will have the persistence and energy to see it through to the end.

So, what is it that keeps a rhino charging? What is it that gets a rhino charging in the first place?


Scott says that belief is the fuel that drives a charging rhino. Belief that success can be achieved. Belief that you have what it takes. It is this belief that separates the rhinos from the cows.


Photo by Peter Lloyd on Unsplash

Wait, who are the cows? They are the ones content to stay in the pasture chewing their cud. Cows feel like success could never be theirs and that it is only for special or privileged animals. They don’t think it is possible to bust out of the pasture. They think the world doesn’t extend beyond the barbwire.

No more! “I have had enough of being a lazy cow grazing in the pasture day after day. I am fed up with doing nothing, seeing nothing, and accomplishing nothing.” - Scott Alexander.

By choosing to intentionally charge down every dream and goal, you are almost guaranteed success. Regardless of whether success is achieved in the way you want it, you will be learning and growing and experiencing and LIVING!

So, like Jim Rohn says, “Don't let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.” And as Scott Alexander adds, “...In other words, Charge!”

See, the real benefit of charging is that you will be going through different phases of success and failure faster. You will learn faster, and will gain energy and excitement through the pursuit of what you believe you can achieve.

This is an absolutely fantastic book that I highly recommend to everyone. It is a fun and quick read that will invigorate you to start charging!

Become a rhino and charge life from now on!

God bless,


P.S. If you like audio books, the Audible version recorded by the author Scott Alexander is excellent and my personal favorite! I highly recommend it. (Hint: to get just a little bit more excitement out of it, listen to it at a slightly faster playback speed. I like 1.8X!)


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